Friday, 22 December 2017

How To Get Crowned With The Lace Front Wigs?

Are you still holding onto the notion that the lace front wigs can only be installed by a wig professional? If yes, then it’s time to debunk this myth. You know once you learn how to buy lace front wigs and apply them; you can be your own stylist. It just requires patience, keen interest, and a deeper understanding and practice to master the art of application of these lace front wigs

To help you with the same, listed below are the required steps to get you started:

1.    The first step is to prepare the hairline. You need to cut the lace front wig till it reaches the back of your hairline and then you may apply the wig on your head. Ensure that the hairline of your wig is slightly ahead of your own hairline for this prevents the glue from sticking to your hair. Do not forget to trim the wig’s hairline to make it coincide with your own hairline so as to give it a natural appearance.

2.    The second step involves the application of scalp protector. Before applying it, make sure your face and region around your hairline have been cleaned with an oil-free soap. Then you may apply the scalp protector by spraying it right below your hairline.

The scalp protector protects your skin by acting as a barrier between the adhesive and the skin, thus providing a stronger bond between the adhesive and the lace front wigs.

3.    The third step, being the most important one, involves the application of adhesive. Either you can apply liquid adhesives or wig tape adhesives.

•    How to apply liquid adhesives?

Just a little amount of the liquid adhesive serves the purpose right. To apply it, you may use the brush which comes along with it or else use a small and a thin applicator.

Apply it by making its thin coat around the region of your head and below your hairline. Now bring a blow dryer in cool mode and dry the adhesive until it turns very sticky. The stickier the glue, the stronger is the wig hold.

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Once the glue turns very sticky, apply the wig. Start from the front of your hairline by applying adequate pressure on the wig unit and the glued region together. Keep applying the constant pressure to it until the wig stays firm. Repeat the process for the nape and sides as well. Do not style the wig immediately, wait for at least 15 minutes to let it dry completely.

•    How to apply wig tape adhesive?

Available in rolls or strips, it is sticky on both sides. Once you peel off one side, you are exposed to the tape’s adhesive that you need to apply around the perimeter of your head. Then apply the wig from the front hairline by lining it with the tape’s edges on its other adhesive side. Continue to press and hold the wig unit to the adhesive for about 1 minute. The same process is repeated for the sides and nape as well.

Thus, with these three basic steps, you are done with the application of your lace front wigs.  However, like all other things, there are pros and cons of lace front wigs as well. Ignoring its cons, when it’s applied with perfection and patience, its subtle appearance would definitely make it worth possessing.