Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Crown Yourself With Self-styled Wigs: Styling The Synthetic Wigs!

Are you styloholic? Are you the one who believes in doing experiments with your hair or even the wig you wear? So, this is the perfect article for you! The way you style up your hair or wig reflects your personality and also makes you look panache. Synthetic wigs are in trend these days and some of the best brands for it are Jon Renau wigs. You can find its incredible styles in Synthetic wigs Canada collections that in stores a wig for every look; from bob to pixie.
So before we start, let’s talk about this wig type a little. Well, synthetic wigs are created with man-made fibers using some specialized technology, which not only resembles like your natural hair but also gives you a styling texture so you can flaunt around its different color variations and styles alike. But don’t you feel that carrying the same ‘style wig’ for every occasion is quite boring?

So let’s break this monotonous look and start doing some rock-n-roll with your wig!

Before styling your wig, remember to follow the very basic steps of R&D – Rinse and Dry. Rinse the wig well with cold water and shampoo and apply ‘leave in conditioner’ to enhance the shine and let it dry! Synthetic wig care is very important and should be handled with the utmost care!
Now, get ready with your wig comb and clips to style up yourself! Here we go! 

•Wig Comb or Brush: Avoid using the normal human hair comb on your synthetic wig, it can ruin the current style of your wig and also pull back some of its filaments, in a way, damaging it partially. Always use a large tooth wig comb which will not be harsh on the hairpiece.

While using a wig comb or brush on the wig, make sure your hairpiece is moderately wet and is being brushed with gentle care. If you are trying smooth styles, make use of long stroke brushes and for waves, use small stroke brushes. But, if you want a curly hair look, then there’s nothing better than a pick brush?
•Spray/Splash Bottle: It is an economical styling tool. Fill the bottle with cool water and splash it appropriately and untangle the knots in order to get back the original style of your wig. However, for styling the wig, fill the spray bottle with required mousse. There are different types of liquid wig mousse available, which can be applied with the help of hands or wide-toothed wig brush. The liquid wig mousse is considered to be the best for both curly/wavy and frizzy hair and can hold the style for hours.

•Rollers and Dryers: If your synthetic wig is heat-resistant, then Rollers and Dryers are your styling tools! If you want curly hair, use the hot hair roller directly onto the wig or the second option is to fix the normal hair rollers to the wig when they are moderately wet and let it dry or you can even use the hair dryers for the desired effect. Once they are set, spray some liquid mousse so that the style stays for hours! 

•Accessories: Glamorize your look by adding clips, brooch, elegant bands or scarves to your hair wig. You can also try artificial braids in different colors and styles which can be beautifully integrated with these wigs. There is an exquisite range of hair accessories available that you can use to style your synthetic wig.

So it’s time you experiment with your wig and give it a look that would be admired by everyone.