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Top 7 Tips to Select and Care for your Human Hair Wig

Care for your Human Hair Wig
Human Hair Wigs

Many beautiful women have to face the big challenges or issues that come with fighting cancer. For majority of the ladies fighting with the disease, turning to wear a hair wigs is necessity not a choice. Also, some ladies love to wear wig to have some fun with a new look or style. There are many hairdressers who help you look good and classy by applying some styling procedures on your hair wig.

Here are few tips about selecting, styling, and caring for your wig:

Human Hair Wigs come in many different styles and you'll have dozens of options when selecting wig. Before buying your hair wig, you’ll want to think about your budget. Generally, the more expensive the wig, the higher the quality of the materials used to make it. Synthetic wigs are less expensive and easy to maintain. Human Hair wigs are the most natural looking but usually cost more and need more maintenance in terms of washing, styling, and color treating.

Purchase the wig that fits! While purchasing a wig, choose the best-styled wig that fits you. Get the true sense of the look and feel with hair wigs.

Consider attention to hair placement- Once you have noticed hair wigs that might work for you, give attention to hair placement. A wig with natural-looking hairstyle will be more costly. Be sure to buy a wig that has hair placed in that direction so that the fringe can be cut in a similar fashion to your previous style, if you’re trying to re-create that look.
Wear your wig after styling- Once you have purchased the wig, you can cut and style while it's on your head. It is imperative that your stylist take into account your head shape, facial features, and the position of your ears when cutting your wig, assuming you’ve chosen a wig that needs a little shaping. 

Keep your wig in tip-top shape- A wig is different from natural hair and needs to be cared in a different manneer. Overstyling can compromise the integrity of the wig. Hair wigs will hold a set style longer and require to be shampooed only to remove environmental buildup.
While shampooing of your wigs, don't put your wig in the sink and scrub. A reliable approach is to place your wig over your hand and allow the water to run over the hair in the direction it has been placed in the wig. Gently squeeze the shampoo through the wig! Avoid scrubbing!
Use proper products. Wigs don’t need a lot of product, so if you’re using products for shampooing or styling, it’s important to use those that “give back” to the hair. I’ve had many clients tell me that their wigs never go to bed. This type of extensive wear can deplete the integrity of the hair in a wig, so it is very important to replenish the hair with products that moisturize.

Wearing a wig may seem to have a downside at first, but it can ultimately be a great opportunity to branch out from your old look and try a style that’s new or different. Ideally, your stylist will not only give you a great look but also provide you with information and coaching that will help you re-create the salon look at home. When styling your own wig, the key factor in your choices is whether the wig is synthetic or made with real hair. If it is synthetic, that means no blow dryers, curling irons, or straight irons. If it is made from real hair, adding heat is fine, but you may want to use just a bit of product, which will provide some thermal protection.

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