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Amazing Hair Facts and Myths

Here are few hair facts and myths:

•    It is really normal to lose 30 to 40 strands per day.
•    Baldness genes are inherited from the father's side. Again this is one of the myths that most of us have that the baldness genes can be inherited only from the father's side. Actually baldness genes can be inherited either from the father's side or from the mother's side or both.
•    Standing on the head leads to hair growth.
•    Hair fall problems increase tremendously with regular shampooing and oiling of hair.
•    Only external applications and treatments can improve the quality of the hair making it shiny and fabulous.

Trendy Hair style, length, color, growth and extensions:
At the foundation of any great hairstyle for fine hair is a great haircut one that makes the most of what you have and gives you the appearance of more volume. If you’re open to wearing your hair short, a cute, tousled pixie is a great way to give fine hair the appearance of volume. 

Medium lengths are perfect for fine hair they’re stylish and easy to maintain. Right now, the “lob” or long bob is right on trend, according to hairstylists everywhere. It grazes the collarbone in front and can be cut to the same length or a little shorter in back.
If you like longer hair, be sure to ask your hairstylist to add a few layers. Long, fine hair that’s all one length tends to look limp and lifeless. Layers will give your hair movement and dimension which leads to more volume. 

Hair color is the prominent service that every salon firm boasts on as it presents a complete menu of available options. Certain bars also promise to offer best hair color by offering flexible services. These hair only salons offer more or less similar services that include color highlighting, glazing, retouch, upgrade etc for different lengths of hair.
Hair extensions are the quickest and easiest way for women and men to add that extra oomph element to hairstyles without going to the salon frequently. Extensions add the desired volume and length without damaging natural hair with harmful chemical treatments and products.

Women Hair Loss Statistics:

Amazing hair loss remedies:

•    It could be clever to know the advantages of natural hair loss remedies. These strategies work together with your physique rather than in opposition to your physique to deal with the conditions. Moreover, these pure treatments are very easy to get.

•    Among the many positive features of the herbal plant Aloe Vera is its capacity to deal with baldness or thinning. This herb has been in use for rather a lot of centuries due to this fact you can be sure of its safety. It contains the superoxide dismutane and nitric acid. These two compounds are known to reverse baldness in both men and women.

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•    Green tea is another of the many natural hair loss remedies. It comprises a pure antioxidant known as catechins which inhibits the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase; consequently, testosterone is just not reworked to it damaging form. Green tea is taken in type of a drink or tablet.

•    Another remedy that seems quite odd however effective is crimson pepper. As purple pepper irritates the skin, it promotes the discharge of histamine, a protein that's concerned in hypersensitivity reactions. It is among st the most potent hair loss remedies.

Which hair extension is right for you???

Real hair extensions, usually of Asian descent, are easily the most versatile types of hair. It comes in a lot of colors, measures and grades. It also haves the benefit of looking more realistic in your own hair but they are a great deal more costly. This is because it's been grown and cut particularly for this function, therefore its worth more than synthetic. It's then washed, and processed ready available. Real hair extensions can differ in quality because the locks are categorized into grades. It's suggested to determine both hair types before proceeding with extensions to determine which you prefer. Whether you select natural or synthetic hair extensions putting some thought and research in to the decision will be beneficial.

Hair styles according to the shape of face:

If you’re facial shape is boxy, somewhat square like; you should go with a round sort of look as to the style you choose. The top and sides of your hair should be smooth flowing around the ears almost an eighties style to your hair. One thing you don't want to do with this shape is to where your hair flat or short on the sides or front and back as you will have an entire square look. If your face is oval you can pretty much pull off any look. Your hair will set off your perfect facial shape best if you have the hair back away from your cheeks and forehead. If you have a heart shaped face you should consider going with a curly long look at the back. This will create a look of fullness at the bottom of your face on the shoulder area and offset the high pitches on your forehead.


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